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Banded Onyx Fruit Bowl

Banded Onyx Fruit Bowl

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  • 33g
  • Fruit bowl 100mm across x 17mm deep
  • Banana 62mm long x 17mm thick
  • Apple 43mm tall x 31mm wide 
  • Pear 54mm tall x 31mm wide
  • Grape bunch 70mm tall x 43mm wide

Banded Onyx

"The stone of Happiness" This beauty promotes strength and fortune. Banded Onyx has such beautiful colouring and is said to bring balance and self control. 

Banded Onyx is a type of onyx that is characterized by parallel bands or stripes of different colors, typically white and black. Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, a type of quartz, and is prized for its durability, smooth texture, and elegant appearance. The bands in the stone give it a unique, eye-catching appearance that makes it highly sought after.

Banded Onyx is associated with the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine and is associated with grounding, stability, and a sense of belonging. Banded Onyx is believed to help balance and strengthen the Root Chakra, promoting a sense of safety and security.

In astrology, Banded Onyx is associated with the zodiac sign of Leo. Leos are believed to be confident, creative, and charismatic, and Banded Onyx is thought to help amplify these qualities. It is also said to help Leos overcome feelings of inadequacy and insecurity, allowing them to shine their brightest.

Chakra: Root, Heart

Zodiac: Leo

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This set is just gorgeous. Lovely subtle colours.

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