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Dalmatian Jasper DT Pendant

Dalmatian Jasper DT Pendant

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  • Approx 5g
  • Approx 38mm
  • Please note price is for pendant only, chains or cords are sold separately on website 
  • please note your pendant will be intuitively selected 

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Dalmatian Jasper

"The stone of faith and loyalty" Dalmatian Jasper can also be called Dalmatian Obsidian or Dalmatian stone but is in fact a Jasper.

It is great for anyone working with animals as it is know to help animals. It can help breakdown emotional barriers. Relieves the need to take revenge on others and helps to release lack of trust in others.

It reminds you to enjoy life and that it's ok to have fun. It can also be good luck so carry one around in your pocket.

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