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Amethyst Crystals - Why are they Special?


Get Lost in the Beauty

Whether you're a die-hard crystal lover who is in touch with their spirituality and manifests hopes and dreams to come true every time they see angel numbers, absolutely absorbed in the healing powers that crystals provide, or are curious and love gazing at the marvellous beauty of crystals, or maybe you’re totally uninterested. You could say there's quite the spectrum; you’re either on one side which adores crystals or on the other, which is entirely in denial of any benefit crystals may harness - no matter where you land on the spectrum, it’s hard not to be enchanted by the sheer beauty of the alluring amethyst crystal. Alright, mystics and sceptics! Let’s dive deeply into all things amethyst!


What do amethyst crystals mean?

These vibrant purple gemstones actually mean different things to different cultures, but what they do have in common holds true in their metaphysical properties. Amethysts have been around and glorified for countless years; to put it simply, amethysts have been holding it down to the test of time. So what powers and healing properties do these mesmerising crystals hold? 

According to Ancient Rome

For centuries in ancient Rome, amethyst crystals were used to protect against drunkeness and overindulgence - it was thought to control any evil thoughts to promote mindfulness. They would carve and hollow out the crystals to drink out of or drink out of a cup decorated with amethysts. Safe to say, we’re running to find these vessels for our next girl's night!

According to Britain

Amethyst crystals hold an abundance of powerful energies, so much so that the royal family members embellish their crowns with luminescent amethyst jewellery. It’s a wonder why amethyst crystals are popular jewels to parade around in. 

According to Egypt

Egyptians often utilised crystals and their meanings to create jewellery and amulets to protect themselves from certain energies. Egyptian rulers would wear amulets for superstitious reasons and for protection in the afterlife. 

Ancient Rome, Britain and Egypt are not the only countries to take advantage of the wildly enthralling amethyst crystals. Amethysts have been around for centuries and are one of the most popular gemstones around the world. It’s no surprise the impressive healing properties can be traced in countries from way back then. Colour symbolism associates the purple and reddish hues with power, wisdom and calming energy. However, the spiritual overtones attached to amethyst are serenity, trust, understanding and grace. It’s an extraordinary healing crystal for the mind, body and soul that promotes the flow of good energy and rids of negative energy for emotional benefits.

Is Amethyst a Crystal or Stone?

The amethyst is a member of the quartz family. A semiprecious stone, it can come in a variety of violet shades. You could make it a personal mission to collect an array of amethysts in different hues to ensure you are completely surrounded by peace and calmness in your daily life.

How are Amethyst Crystals formed?

Amethysts are formed as crystals in geodes which are cavities in volcanic rock. There are three components that make up these beautiful crystals. 

  1. A hollow space
  2. A crystal fostering environment
  3. Time

Hollow spaces

Amethysts grow and form in basalts which are rocks resulting from volcanic activity. These rocks carry amethyst formations by trapping water and minerals for amethysts to be formed. Think of it like a pearl to an oyster, things build up, get trapped and produce a beautiful object.

The Environment

The water involved in the process needs silica and ferric iron present for crystals to form. The next key ingredient is what makes the rich purple colouring, silicon dioxide. What happens next is gamma irradiation which is a process that stimulates the crystal forming process.


Time is the most important and precious piece of the crystal-forming puzzle. It takes a bit of time, and by time, we mean millions. It takes millions of years for amethyst crystals to form into the beautiful gem they are. This also means that all natural amethysts geodes are way older than us!

Where can I buy Amethyst near me?

There's been a big uproar in crystals in the last few years, and as much as they are beautiful to look at, there is way more to amethyst crystals than meets the eye - like the metaphysical properties! The best places to buy crystals are from retailers who are passionate about more than the beauty, you want to purchase from retailers that actually care about the healing properties - the people like us at The Crystal Basket! We’ve got amethyst crystals for sale that can be worn and displayed throughout your home. 

Where is the best place to put Amethyst Crystal?

If you’re into feng shui, you’ll know all about the abundance of amethyst crystals that can bring forth to your home by placing them in your room. They can transform your bedroom from chaos to calm just by channelling positive energy. Amethyst crystals have the ability to create calm feelings and feelings of serenity, which is definitely something we want in our lives. You could also wear amethyst, it’s a beautiful way to harness the energy the gem emits. 

Now that you’ve got your crystal profile on amethysts, you’ve been equipped with all you need to know about these tantalising gems. You’re going to want to run to get your hands on this transformative crystal. Catch you for the next crystal profile! 

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