Nikita and Ash

Introducing The Crystal Basket Team

Nikita is our Social Media guru with a passion for animals, the beach and crystals. She has a heart of gold, the most generous and kind person I know!

She will never be rich, she would give it all away to those in need - that's just the type of person she is. She is an extremely hard worker, holding down 2 jobs while still finding time for her family and friends. Although we have only been friends for 7 years it feels much much longer and I honestly don't know what I would do without her in my life. I never believed in soul mates until I met her.

Fun Fact: While her fave crystal is Moss agate she HATES moss or anything slimey with a passion!!

Steve (safety dad) is our behind-the-scenes tech whizz! He grounds us and brings us back to business when we get a bit too creative. He's the steady hand that keeps us balanced and progressing. His extensive background in retail is extremely valuable to our business. When not working his 2 jobs (4 if you count being a dad and husband), you can find him fishing, diving, swimming or playing guitar.

Fun Fact: Most years he builds a massive Xmas Lego display that everyone who attends our Xmas party loves to admire.

I am in charge of stock and packing, I'm also the creative one!

Most nights I wake up with another idea that I quickly need to go create or make a note in my phone before my brain forgets and moves onto the next. When I'm not cruising around crystal HQ you will probably find me in the kitchen - I love FOOD! I love shopping for it, prepping it, cooking it, eating it, giving it - its absolutely my love language and I love that it brings people together.

Fun Fact: I only started falling in love with crystals during the first lockdown NZ had during the pandemic, only months before starting our business!

Ash and Nikita xx
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Great to see who’s behind the scenes. You all do an awesome job, love the monthly crystal, great idea especially for those like me just starting out! 😀

Sarah Fredericksen

Nice photo., it’s great to see who your dealing with. 😊💜


Awesome to put a face to the voices

Jenny Jury

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