Aura Quartz: Aura is the name given to the coating used on many different crystals. Most commonly Quartz is put under extreme heat and then coated with different minerals such as gold, silver and platinum and this creates and iridescent or rainbow like shine. It is said that this enhances the crystal but even if it doesn’t it makes certain crystals look SUPER COOL!

Chakra: So when crystals are coated in aura they still hold all the healing properties of the natural crystal underneath but also properties of the metals that coat them. The chakra the original crystal relates to will still be the same.

Fun fact: Here are the metals used to make certain aura colours… * Angel aura: silver and platinum * Aqua aura: gold * Opal aura: platinum * Flame aura: titanium and niobium * Rainbow Aura or Titanium Rainbow Aura: gold and titanium

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