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Amethyst "the stone of protection”. One of the worlds most renown crystals, Amethyst comes in a few different colours, with the most common being purple.Used to ward off harmful energies and if worn can protect the wearer from harm. Super helpful to relieve stress but also great for insomnia and dream work. Pop one next to your bed, under your pillow or wear on the body for full effect.
Aura Quartz can have different properties or meanings dependent on the quartz used. Aura quartz is part natural and part man made. The quartz is natural but it is then coated in a metal that gives it its shiny rainbow colouring. They can bring light into your chakras and bring awareness but will also possess properties specific to the quartz used.
Aventurine "the stone of prosperity" this beauty reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. It is quite often used to promote wealth and success. Aventurine will provide strength, courage, confidence and happiness and is also said to bring good luck. It can quite often be spelt with a "d" which people associate with adventure but this is not the case.

Caribbean Calcite is quite a new crystal so not a lot is known about its healing properties. Caribbean Calcite is however said to be deeply soothing and calming. Its coloring can resemble the beach with the brown banding mixed with the blue. It definitely resonates with the third eye and crown chakra.


 Fire Quartz "the stone of clear focus" helps to remove negativity and balances mind Fire Quartzbody and soul. It can help you to realise why you make certain decisions. Fire quartz will help you with focus, concentration and can help to calm hysterics, panic and anxiety.


Fluorite "the stone of genius" Fluorite connects us to the spiritual realms. It is a crystal of great mental focus and clarity,Fluorite bringing enlightenment to those who use it. It can cleanse your mind of any thoughts of doubt or limiting beliefs and help to support your own independence and strengthen your will power. Fluorite is iridescent so when held up to the light the colours are so stunning. If you are ever confused about   anything, carry a piece with you to help put your mind at ease.

Howlite "the stone of awareness" Howlite is very similar in appearance to white marble. Howlite Howlitecan also be know as the dream stone. It is perfect to pop under your pillow or next to the bed. Helps to promote open mindedness and  enderness. Great for meditation and also for use by those with mental illness to help slow the mind down. Great for those with an over-active mind or those who  may be short tempered. Helpful for stress, worry and anxiety. Great for insomnia to help you get a more restful sleep.


Jade "the stone of harmony “Available in many colour variations, Jade is said to be a crystal of Jadepeace and harmony. It improves responsiveness, self-confidence and independence. It is thought that Jade holds a bright and positive power of light inside to help you to feel calm and peaceful. It is said to purify the heart.


 Malachite "the guardian stone" Malachite absorbs negative energy and pollutants. MalachiteIt can guard against radiation and electromagnetic pollution. Malachite is also said to open your heart to unconditional love. Malachite is a very very strong/powerful stone.


 Moss Agate "the stone of abundance" Moss Agate is known for its agricultural benefits and helps with the Moss Agategrowth of new crops. Pop a couple of 

tumbles inside pot plants to help promote growth. It will help to control your interactions with the outside world and will help if you are having a few difficulties in life or are feeling desperate. Very helpful with deciding who and what to hold onto and what you need to let go of. Moss agate is a stunning colour when polished and can also be used for good luck.
Opalite "the stone of serenity" It is a stone of love but only rewards faithful lovers, it helps to Opaliteform lasting romantic bonds. Opalite also helps to soothe frayed nerves, alleviate depression and bring inner peace and a sense of calm to any situation. It is said to symbolize new beginnings and clear thinking.

Rhodonite "the stone of compassion" Great for thoughtfulness and to help keep your feelings steady. RhodoniteGreat for people who are stressed easily. Rhodonite is  easily identifiable, being a very distinct pink and black colour. Rhodonite is great for nurturing the heart, clearing emotional wounds and activating the Heart Chakra. It will help to balance your yin-yang and is said to revitalise your love energy.
Ruby Zoisite “The stone of stamina" Ruby Zoisite connects the heart and the brain and helps you to remember to Ruby Zoisiteappreciate things more. It is great for abundance, vitality and growth. Ruby Zoisite can also help to alleviate grief, anger despair and defeat. A great stone for healing.


Tiger Eye "the stone of protection" Tiger Eye will help you to release fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance. Known to amplify the Tiger Eyework of any quartz crystal. This beauty is also known as the stone of purposeful action and was often sought after on the battlefield. Very popular among Ancient Chinese civilisations as they believed it brought good fortune to those who wore it.  Tiger eye is connected to both the earth and sun and can help to bring   balance and helps to make decisions without emotion.