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20-25g Blue Opal Tumble

20-25g Blue Opal Tumble

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  • 20-25g
  • Assorted tumble shapes 
  • your tumble will be intuitively selected so may not be the one pictured

Blue Opal 

Blue opal is a soothing and calming stone known for its healing properties. It is believed to help with emotional healing and provide support during times of stress and anxiety.

Blue opal is said to enhance communication and promote feelings of tranquility and inner peace. This crystal is also thought to stimulate creativity and inspire a sense of personal growth.

Many people use blue opal in meditation to enhance spiritual connections and encourage intuitive insights. Blue opal is considered a stone of hope, healing, and positive energy.

Chakra Throat

Zodiac Aquarius

Customer Reviews

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Unusual opal with such colour variation

My little blue opal sits with my other opals and is such a pretty variation to the rest of them with a blue-ish green colour that the girls picked out for me at random love it! Have put in my little healing corner for those vibes

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