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96g Yooperlite Cloud carving

96g Yooperlite Cloud carving

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  • Approx 96g
  • 70mmx62mmx12mm
  • unique cloud carving, face carved on one sided
  • 2nd photo is just an example of what Yooperlite looks like under a UV light


Yooperlite is a new crystal that was founded in Lake Superior near Michigan and has only been around for about 4 years.

Yooperlite is a Syenite rock that is very rich in fluorescent Sodalite and so looks normal until exposed to UV light which gives it a stunning glow. It is a great stone connected to the throat Chakra and so will help with communication and self expression.

It can also help to release anger and negative thoughts and can bring an environment of light and hope. Perfect for meditating with.

Chakra Throat

Zodiac Sagittarius 

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