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Complete Tarot and Oracle Journal

Complete Tarot and Oracle Journal

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Keep this gorgeous journal alongside your collection of tarot and oracle card decks to unlock the secrets of your readings and awaken your psychic abilities. The Ultimate Tarot & Oracle Journal is more than just a diary, it's a tool to jog your memory and give you greater insight into your subconscious mind.

Using this journal will assist you in remembering and interpreting your readings with more accuracy and detail, and help you realise the messages being communicated to you. A stunningly beautiful book with exquisite finishes, this product is designed specifically for the reader to easily keep a record of their card readings, and is completely compatible with all card decks.

  • Author: Selena Moon
  • 208 pages
  • Hardback
  • Published 2022
  • 216mm x 135mm x18mm 
  • ISBN 9781922579621

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect guide and record book for Oracle or Tarot journey

What a pretty book, and the clasp closers on the side make it feel super special. Great for helping you hone you intuition and help you understand your cards better. With guidance for how to do spreads, one card readings and even space to detail out what you cards are telling you so you can reflect on them.

Kathryn Wallbank

A gorgeous and special book to record your tarot journey in.

Complete tarot and oracle journal

Beautiful quality book! Such a great way to document your readings

Sarah Fredericksen
Complete tarot and oracle journal

I was expecting more of a guided journal rather than explanations then space to record readings. I am a beginner so was looking for a more explanations , page by page journal. As per the blurb about the journal.
Love the cover, gold edges and paper!

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